The perfect

Wordpress Theme For Your Affiliate Website.

Spend more time and money on content and less on website development. The AffiliateFish theme makes sure your site looks great, converts well and loads lightning fast.

High Converting Templates

The AffiliateFish team have spent years and a whole lot of money testing different layouts across their sites and discovered the highest performing designs so you don’t have to.

Monetising your content is the foundation of any affiliate website, so whether you are getting started or a seasoned pro, these templates will help you turn that traffic into revenue.

Lightening Fast Speed

Not only do page builders like Elementor and WPBakery cost more, but they also bloat your code.

AffiliateFish is a custom-built theme for affiliate marketers so there’s absolutely no bloat, that users and Google will love.

High E.A.T. Factor

AffiliateFish includes all the features you need for your website to build trust with search engines. It’s never been more important to position your website as an expert source of information.

From process review pages to built-in author links AffiliateFish gives Google the EAT signals that get your site ranked.

Set-Up Your Affiliate Website in 2 Minutes

This video walks through how easy it is to set-up your new, highly converting and super fast website.

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30 day money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What Support Is Offered?

AffiliateFish is a clean, fast, and simple WordPress theme.  You won’t have trouble getting it set up and working.  It couldn’t be easier because of the updated design and rock-solid code.

We respond to bug requests quickly and have a feature to report them.

Why This Theme?

There are a lot of themes and page builders out there. Not only is this theme cheaper than the likes of popular page builders like Elementor, but it’s also purpose-built for performance and affiliate conversion.

It would take a whole lot of time for an Elementor site to look this good, and it could never match the optimisation of code.

How Much Can You Make From Affiliate Websites?

There really is no limit. We’ve sold our last website using the AffiliateTheme template for low six figures. But we’ve also sold several sites of high 5 figures, and a few colleagues with the same theme into the millions.

Why Does Clean Code Matter?

There are more implications to having clean code than just page speed. We’ve found time and time again that sites with cleaner custom code will rank about page builders within competitive niches.

We’ve also found with starter sites like – the pages get indexed much faster than bloated code sites.


You Need For Your Website & So Much More

100% Mobile Friendly

Our Mobile Responsive theme make your website accessible on handheld devices and desktops seamlessly.

Ad Space Included

Whether you're using AdSense, Mediavine or any other ad network, this theme allows you to monetise your site through ads in key placements.

Easy Customization

Customise your website very easily with the customiser options that enable you to represent your site as you want.

Search Engine Optimised

With our state-of-the-art coding, search engines will not let you down. These SEO optimised theme will rank you high in SERP.

What Our Customers Say About Us

So easy to set up, and templates look great! I’ve been looking to create a review page with this layout for a while.


Great theme, loads fast and get a very good click-through rate, so I’m happy!


This saved me hours of configuring custom themes for my affiliate sites. I really liked how easy it was to set-up and use, even though I’m not a developer.


AffiliateFish Overview

Take a look at the AffiliateFish Layout, speed performance and one of our test sites in action.

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